Masters in Divinity

Masters in Divinity

The Masters in Divinity

LCT developed its Masters in Divinity course specifically in response to the challenges being faced by the church in Pakistan & South Western Asia. Our objective is to provide our students with the tools to meet the needs of the church in South-Western Asia.

The curriculum will move from foundations, to reflection, to application. These studies will lead to a concern for practical application and to develop an understanding of how to live the Christian faith. Integrated into the curriculum will be practical and experimental courses, we will provide students training in the field to develop a sound approach to helping the church gain its strength.

LCT at present opens Master of Divinity program. Applicants for the Master of Divinity must have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized college or university. Master of Divinity is a complete three year course i.e. nine terms altogether. A limited number of students who are not graduates from recognized colleges may be admitted to the Master of Divinity program if their academic records and other qualifications indicate they will do satisfactory work in LCT. After the successful completion of Master of Divinity program, and their theses and dissertations for the course, students will be allowed to participate in LCT graduation ceremony and will be presented with the desired degree. In case a student fails to fulfill the academic requirement will receive BTH degree .

In other case the student will have to satisfy the LCT academic office with the required obligations for MDiv degree. Master of Divinity course is divided in following four departments:

Department A  Biblical studies and Theology
Department B  Contemporary Studies and Communication
Department C  Historical Theology and Church History
Department D  Practical Theology and Christian Education