From a Spark to a Flame

Where will we go from here. Will we join the crowd and caravan that journeys into tomorrow where the flesh governs the mind or are we ever ruined for a life of the flesh. Has the taste of what it means to be governed by the Spirit of God set us on exhilarating heights as we hanker to have more of God and serve Him more fully with the entire surrender of our being?

If the Spirit of God has wooed us and our hearts long for more, let's commit to more time in the Word and talking to the Lord. Let us commit to deeper fellowship with the Lord. Let us seek to be led by the Spirit of God to others with which we can share deep times of prayer and ministry, whether in the same room or across the miles. Let us make ourselves available for the Spirit of God to set us on fire, illuminate our minds, free us of shackles and chains. Let us be on fire with a fire He breathes over us and be trailblazer for the Gospel to a lost and deceived generation. Come Lord Jesus and take your place. Come Lord, we cry Alleluia for you are a God of Justice and on your throne you take your place. Alleluia!

By Corinne Nathaniel | June 4th, 2017